Training Small Dog Breeds

How to Train Small Dog Breeds

Training small dog breeds is not dissimilar to training any dog breed, but there are a few differences to be aware of. In this simple training guide you will learn a few tricks of the trade to efficiently train your dog, but also to train them in a healthy and nutritious manner!

Training treats (Lures)

Treats are key for training, but many fall foul of the many unhealthy treats available in the pet stores. There’s no regulations on what those treats can (or can’t) contain, and it’s very easy with small dogs to overfeed. The truth is they’re completely unnecessary, and it’s easy enough to avoid all the sugars, wheat, sorbitol, additives, and food colourings, simply by using healthy foods or boiled chicken. Your dog will be as much motivated by meaty treats as they will commercial rubbish. Air-dried food ZiwiPeak is a very good option for training treats, so keep that in mind as well.

Activity levels

Small breed dogs vary greatly in activity levels, with more active dogs being easier to train. Take advantage of times when they’re feeling active and hungry rather than feeling sleepy, otherwise it’s square peg/round hole.

The basics

Potty training

Top tricks

How to sit

How to stand